As seen on screen, soon seen on the high street?

Online juggernaut ASOS has just bought some of the biggest names in the UK fashion retail.

6th February 2021

Online fashion retailer ASOS is the new owner of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and the activewear brand HIIT after a £330m deal last week. The deal sees the final few parts of Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia group being sold off after being put up for sale when Arcadia collapsed into administration last year.

The brands follow others that have been offloaded in the last few years including, British Home Stores (BHS), Burton, Wallis, Evans and Dorothy Perkins.

Aside from the potential job losses if ASOS choose not to maintain the physical stores, which doesn’t seem likely in view of ASOS chief executive, Nick Beighton’s comments:

“It’s not our core model to take stores, nor our core strategy, but never say never. So, since we were presented with opportunity we said we’d have a look, but it’s not our number one priority or focus right now”

the other main change we will see are yet more familiar brand names disappearing from our town centres and shopping malls.

We were discussing this while working and the subject of the various trademarks and brand logos came up. We’ve had several arguments about which versions were the best.

Below is the history of each of these household names and the evolutions of their iconic logos that have graced our highstreets (or virtual highstreets in the case of ‘online only’ ASOS):


  • 2000–2003
  • 2003–2007
  • 2007-present

British Home Stores

  • 1960s–1970s
  • 1970s–1986
  • 1986–1995
  • 1995–2010
  • 2005–2010
  • 2010–2013
  • 2013–2015
  • 2015–2016
  • 2016–2017
  • 2017–2018
  • 2019–present


  • 1964–1978
  • 1978-1994
  • 1994-2005
  • 2005–2018
  • 2018-present


  • 1978–1986
  • 1986–1993
  • 1993–2002
  • 2002–2005
  • 2005–2018
  • 2018–present


  • 1955-1963
  • 1963-1971
  • 1971-1976
  • 1976-1988
  • 1988-1995
  • 1995-2002
  • 2002–2018
  • 2018-present


  • 1974–1988
  • 1988–2007
  • 2007–2014
  • 2014–2017
  • 2017–2018
  • 2018-present




  • 1980–1991
  • 1991–2006
  • 2006–present

Which are your favourite? Let us know via social media.



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